INSTYLE – This Bakery Just Took Doughnuts to a New Level—and It’s Only Around for a Short While

From Instyle Magazine

Once upon a time, a doughnut was no more than a plump, spherical pastry coated in a sugary glaze, occasionally filled with cream or jam. But today, the humble doughnut is a canvas for baking wizardry; a vessel for unique seasonings, extravagant toppings, and even meat. The treat we formerly associated with Homer Simpson is now a shape-shifting Instagram sensation.

So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when vegan lunch spot The Cinnamon Snail (located in N.Y.C.’s food hall The Pennsy) debuted the Inception Doughnut: one doughnut, topped with three smaller doughnuts, beneath nine even tinier doughnuts, bringing us to a grand total of 13 doughnuts. AND IT’S VEGAN.

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