Grub Street – Musician Brett Dennen Eats Breakfast Tacos in Austin and Street Meat in New York

“Tuesday, May 17
I woke up and made myself matcha in the hotel, then I had to go to CBS to tape the Morning Show. So for breakfast I just ate a bunch of pineapple that they had.

For lunch I went to this place called the Pennsy near Penn Station. It’s the only good place I know of to eat around there. There’s a place in there called the Little Beet. They made a really good lentil patty on top of quinoa-beet salad and soba noodles with shiitake mushrooms. It was all just one big bowl.

I’m not really sure what else I’m going to do while I’m in New York, but usually when I’m in town I’m on the hunt for sushi, and I haven’t gotten any yet. There’s also a great vegan-food scene here, so I might try and check that out.”


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