The Daily Meal – The 50 Best Food Halls in America 2016

#25 The Pennsy, New York City
Finally there’s a place to get fresh, healthy, high-quality food quickly near Penn Station — or, in this case, inside it. Pennsy only offers a bar, a coffee shop, and five eateries at this time, but each one comes equipped with a hefty dose of star-power. Franklin Becker brings The Little Beet’s gluten-free fare, Marc Forgione represents Lobster PressMario Batali and Mary Giuliani team up for Mario by Mary, butcher Pat LaFrieda peddles his famous meats, and vegan food is prepared by The Cinnamon Snail, whose food truck gets consistently ranked as one of the best in the country (we had it at No. 4 last year). Never before has such a small decision been so difficult.

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